Music I’ve Been Loving, March 2014! Hudson Taylor, The Once, Lauren Aquilina

Hey everyone! Here’s my music blog for March 2014 as well as a few updates.

First off, the two Irish cuties Harry and Alfie that make up my latest new favourite, Hudson Taylor. I’d heard of them a while ago, but when they released their new single Weapons, I began listening properly. I seem to always have a soft spot for Irish musicians, and I really like Hudson Taylor’s blend of folk and pop music. Their early EPs are lovely listening and I’m looking very much to them releasing their debut album soon! Here’s the signed Weapons vinyl I bought

Next up is the Canadian trio named The Once. I was lucky enough to see The Once at Bury Met last January - I was meant to see them again on 23rd March this year, but due to illness and copious amounts of college work I sadly had to miss it. They’re a folk trio made up of Geraldine, Phil and Andrew from Newfoundland, Canada who play a mix of traditional and original material. Their three-part harmonies sound fantastic on CD and even better live! I met them after their gig last year and they signed my CD (:

Next up, a step away from the folk world, I cannot recommend Lauren Aquilina enough to everybody. I started listening to her last November, and my love for her has been further fuelled by her latest release, Liars EP. She’s released a trilogy of EPs, entitled "Fools", "Sinners" and "Liars". Her music is very piano based, she has a beautiful emotive voice and I envy Lauren’s songwriting skills so much! She has recently signed with Island Records and Universal Music Group to release her debut album which will hopefully be soon. Lauren is playing at tons of music festivals this summer, I sadly missed her last UK tour but next time she’s in town, I’ll be there!

Here’s the beautiful Liars EP

This month I’ve been juggling losing my voice with tons of college work and also performances as Kelsi in my school’s production of High School Musical, so I haven’t been too active posting songs. However I’ve got a new original song and a cover of Square One from Lauren Aquilina’s Liars EP on my Soundcloud, which you can find here :)

Thanks for reading!

Bethany x

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